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Enumeration: WalletReadyState

A wallet's readiness describes a series of states that the wallet can be in, depending on what kind of wallet it is. An installable wallet (eg. a browser extension like Phantom) might be Installed if we've found the Phantom API in the global scope, or NotDetected otherwise. A loadable, zero-install runtime (eg. Torus Wallet) might simply signal that it's Loadable. Use this metadata to personalize the wallet list for each user (eg. to show their installed wallets first).

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Enumeration Members

Enumeration Members


Installed = "Installed"

User-installable wallets can typically be detected by scanning for an API that they've injected into the global context. If such an API is present, we consider the wallet to have been installed.

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Loadable = "Loadable"

Loadable wallets are always available to you. Since you can load them at any time, it's meaningless to say that they have been detected.

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NotDetected = "NotDetected"

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Unsupported = "Unsupported"

If a wallet is not supported on a given platform (eg. server-rendering, or mobile) then it will stay in the Unsupported state.

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